SA&K Building – Syracuse, New York

SA&K Building

After a week or so of new adventures cycle touring along almost 200 miles of the Erie Canal in Upstate New York with my wife, I am busy editing the photos taken along the way. This shot was taken on our first full day which we spent at the Erie Canal Museum and looking at the wonderful architecture in Syracuse, NY. Over the next weeks, I’ll show more photos and say a bit about the Erie Canal and our tour.

The Dawn of a New Adventure

Q - Sun Up

We are leaving this morning for several days of travel in upstate New York, cycling along the eastern half of the Erie Canal. Milford Street will be on a 10 day hiatus while I amass new photos and tales to share.

I leave you with a last photo from the Natchez Trace Parkway. This was sunrise somewhere near the Alabama – Tennessee border.

Mathiston, MS Tornado

L - Storm 2

A few days before my cycling trip was due to begin, a series of tornadoes ripped through the area, causing the damage you see above. It was like a giant had grabbed every single tree, twisted it and pulled off the top. The photo below show what a typical wooded section of the parkway looks like. The storms killed several people, including a man in a campground in which I’d planned to stay.

This caused me to have some anxiety about whether to make the trip, but I decided that it was still doable. The weather pattern had changed, so another tornado was unlikely. Parts of the parkway had to be closed but were being reopened. The campground was definitely closed, but I found another place to stay.

Growing up in New England, I’ve seen the havoc and damage that blizzards, ice storms and hurricanes can cause, but I ‘d never seen anything like this.

L - Storm 1

Natchez, Mississippi


A solo bike trip took me along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez Mississippi (pictured above) to Nashville Tennessee (426 mi or 685 km). This is a riverboat casino on the Mississippi River in Natchez. The bridge behind it goes across the river to Louisiana. Being down south, I wanted to try catfish. I asked a few people where to get a good catfish dinner. They all recommended a place in Vidalia, Louisiana. So my first night I pedaled across this bridge for an amazing dinner.

Cycling Oasis

Good Sign

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get.” – Forest Gump

Food on cycling holidays is like a box of chocolates. You never quite know what you’ll find (and usually want to have something in your pack in case you find nada). I’ve had some great meals, usually while in rural areas and getting to sample regional cuisine. This was our second to last night cycling around Lac San Jean in Quebec. I recall sitting out at a picnic table, having a burger and fries with a slice of tarte aux bleuets. I became very good at ordering dessert in Quebecois French on this trip.

Good Food