Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts – Part 1

Due to Salem’s infamous yet popular historic witch trials, the city has been associated with witches and horror in general. Rather than recoil from this reputation, they embrace it with a month-long celebration of Halloween that culminates in a giant carnival feel on Oct 31st. We attended yesterday, roaming the streets and just soaking up the atmosphere.

Honk Parade!

A few weeks ago, we cycled into Harvard Square in Cambridge Massachusetts for the Honk Parade and Festival. It is a festival of activist street bands. I did not include the many protest signs (they are prety commonplace in Harvard Sq.) but everything and anything was represented. These are some of the more memorable sights.

Madame Sherri’s Castle

Once upon a time in the southwest corner of New Hampshire, a costume designer from New York, named Madame Antoinette Sherri, built a lavish summer home in which she hosted wildly expensive parties for her friends. But, eventually the money ran out and she abandoned the home. It fell into disrepair and over 50 years ago, it burned to the ground, leaving only the beautiful field stone staircase and foundations. Today it is the Madame Sherri Forest, conservation land with wonderful hiking trails.