Parkers Maple Barn I

Last week, I took a few photos while visiting Parkers Maple Barn in Mason, NH. There was quite a bit of interest and a request for more photos. Yesterday, I needed to buy another jar of their preserves for a Christmas gift and brought along my camera. Here are a few of the photos made around the restaurant portion of their facility.

Making Ice

Our small town has a skating rink each winter. It began several years ago with a new family moving in across the road from one of our parks. He proposed a rink and raised money for materials. Since then it is put up each winter and is weather dependent. If it is cold, we have ice and can skate. If it is warm, skating is called off. While the family puts a lot of effort into maintaining the rink, it is really a town effort. A local electrician rigs the lights. The road agent uses his forklift to bring out the liner (which weighs several hundred pounds (or a few hundred kilos)). Even the volunteer fire department helps out.

Driving home tonight, I saw a fire truck pull into the parking lot. That can only mean it is time to fill the rink with water to make ice. Talking with people there, I learned that it actually takes twelve tankers worth of water to fill the rink, each one discharging the contents of its tank within just a minute or two.

Now, we just need a bit of cold weather and it will be time to get out the skates.

Note: The title of this post was inspired by West’s post at West517 earlier today. Check it out: