Closed for the Season

Across from the ocean at Hampton Beach is a row of restaurants, shops, arcades and lodging…all of which was closed for the season on Sunday…even McDonalds. All boarded up, you can see the snow piled up to the rooftops.

A Winters Day at the Beach

While I liked the B&W look of Hampton Beach that I showed yesterday, I also thought the muted colors were lovely. So here are a few shots in color. The four young ladies ask if I would take a photo with their camera and were gracious enough to allow me to make a photo with mine. Thank you.

Monochrome Monday – A Day at the Beach

Have you ever gone to the beach during a snowy winter? I hadn’t…until yesterday. So much snow has fallen on the sea-coast of New Hampshire as to transform it into something totally alien compared to summer days of sun and sand… bikinis and board shorts.

WPC: Reward

Kangamangus Hwy - Summit View

My reward for a hard week of work is the chance to go and play on the weekend. Yesterday, I drove up to the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and today I drove along the coast all to make photographs. Due to the staggering amounts of snow this winter, many of the parking areas and pull outs were not able to be plowed, but there were enough to get out and make some shots at strategic locations. This shot is from the summit of the Kangamangus Highway.

Orlando at Dawn

While visiting Orlando, I read an article in the Digital Photo School website about photographing cities at dawn. I’d already made one early shoot but planned another for the next morning. Some of the images have been posted already as stand alone posts, but here are some of the others. I especially enjoyed some of the art around Lake Eola.

For those interested, here is the article:

Floridian Kitsch

Driving up to St. Augustine, we stopped here at this stand….for something….I’m not sure what, now. But you gotta love the Florida tourist items.