Helping Rosita

Something different today…a request…for help…if you can.

I’d like to introduce you to Rosita. She was one of the students that I taught in El Salvador this summer. Rosita is a quiet girl, a little shy; one of the 9th grade girls.

Rosita suffers from a severe form of myopia called “degenerative myopia”. Basically, her eyeballs are rapidly growing longer. It’s a rare condition that can happen to teens and young adults like Rosita. Typically, people with degenerative myopia go blind.


Rosita’s condition can be treated. In El Salvador, they treat this with a multistep process. First, she has to wear these special eyeglasses for ten months. The photo above is her with her ophthalmologist working on getting new glasses. Afterwards, she will wear contact lenses and then later have an operation. With help from Teaching You (the group with whom I volunteered), Rosita has taken the first step and has her glasses.


But the rest of the process costs $1,000 USD. While that might sound not so expensive to my American friends, El Salvador is a place where people make $200 a month on average. Basically, the cost for Rosita’s treatment is equal to five months wages in her country. There is no health insurance there to cover the cost of saving Rosita’s vision.

I’ve not asked for donations for a cause like this before. If anyone would be willing to make a donation to help Rosita save her vision, even a few dollars or Euros or whatever currency you use, please go to

There is no pressure, I’m just trying to help out be spreading the word of this need.

Thank you for reading


Since returning to school, my daily exercise has involved more hiking outside than going to the gym. I still try to hit the gym a couple of days a week, but it’s twenty minutes away compared to local trails only a few minutes up the road. Most days now, I am hiking on these trails. I think part of it comes from having really enjoyed exercising outside while I was living away this past summer. I miss taking walks in the park in El Salvador and looking at the volcano, but this is pretty special also.

Simplicity — look around!

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… Nestled in the hills of Western Massachusetts is a place that looks like it is frozen in time. Many years ago, Hancock Massachusetts was a Shaker community. The Shakers were a Christian sect founded in the 18th century. They were known for living simply and for their exquisite craftsmanship. Very few remain today but […]

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Fall in the Berkshires

These images were made last week at Hancock Shaker Village in Western Massachusetts.