My wife hung a hummingbird feeder for the first time this year. It really works. I tried taking some photos of them with very little luck. My friend Hien posted some image that he made of hummingbirds on his blog. He is a master at making images of birds. You can see his hummingbird photos here. He was kind enough to give me some tips and with them, I was able to make these images the other morning.

Thank you, Hien!


Shipyard Crane

The angles and lines of this aging shipyard crane mesmerized me. This crane is a leftover from when the Navy Yard shut down in the 1970s. I played with different shots and angles and this was my favorite. Below is an image from a couple of years ago to show you one of these cranes in a more typical orientation.

Block Party – Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum

Last night, a good friend and I went to the annual block party at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Several months ago, we’d seen images from last years party and really wanted to attend this year’s event. The highlight was the Brooklyn Jumbies stilt dancers who figure prominently in these images. There were also other dancers and a steel band to provide the music. Guests could also visit the museum for free and try their hand at making art, including stone carving and printmaking. After, we had a rather adventurous late supper at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Cambridge that halfway through our meal converted into a dance club. While some diners may have been put off, we thought it was an amazing and amusing experience. Cheers!