Parker River Wildlife Refuge Observation Tower

I got the concept of this image two years ago while cycling here. It is one of our favorite places to bring our bikes. I thought that this observation tower would look great in silhouette at sunset. The problem is that the gate to the refuge closes at some point around sunset. Supposedly, the gate will automatically open for exiting vehicles, but I was a bit skeptical. I parked in nearby Newburyport and cycled the 6 miles to the refuge. I figured that if the gate was closed, I could get out along the beach. It was a nice evening for riding, though fewer bugs would have been nice. And the gate did not shut before I exited.

Thursday Doors – Some of Boston’s More Interesting Doors

Two years ago, I took a couple of photo tours in Boston with Saba of PhotoWalks Tours. These are some doors that I captured on those tours.

For more information on Thursday Doors, please see Norm Frampton’s site at

Power of the Past

The other day, I showed an old working engine. Here are some other images that I made at a local show that was aptly named “The Power of the Past”.

The Bull Pup

I stopped by an antique machinery show last weekend. There were a few running machines and lots of people selling parts (more on that later). This one was the running while I was there. I am not sure what it was used for. There is a video link below if you want to see how it runs. If your car runs this well, then you may want to think about getting a new car…or a good mechanic. Cheers!