By the Time I Get to Woodstock

Okay, wrong Woodstock. This is Woodstock Vermont not the home of the famous concert but oh so charming. I stopped there the other evening and found the streets a bit quiet and most of the shops closed. But the homes and buildings themselves were beautiful. I hope you enjoy the photos.


17 thoughts on “By the Time I Get to Woodstock

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Alexandra – There was another of the Woodstock Inn in which I stood further back, but this was the clear favorite. It was a pretty town for making photographs. 🙂

  1. sheketechad

    I really like that you share New England ‘homey’ things. It is the one part of our country I’ve not traveled yet, even though I’m dying to do so. Loved the stone work. Thanks.

      1. sheketechad

        One day I plan to do so! My best friend and I have been trying to plan a trip in October one year, but she or I seem to have conflicts with work when the other does not :/

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        One of those life gets in the way issues…I get that. Trying to time the foliage can be tricky. Some years are better than others. You should leave your itinerary a bit open. If your planned destination does not have peak foliage, driving a bit north or south will help you find better conditions.

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