Last Blaze of Glory


The trees looked pretty bare during my travels to Lebanon,NH today. This one small tree outside the window of the office I visited seemed to want to hold onto its color. All I had with me was my iPhone, so I snapped a photo. The quality was pretty poor shooting through the window, so I tweaked it using the Photoshop app on my iPhone.


17 thoughts on “Last Blaze of Glory

  1. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you. I started getting interested in photography through my phone. My wife gave me a book on using apps for photo editing as a gift. It was pretty helpful.

  2. Lauren

    I really do love this photo. I find myself looking at the trees that are holding out as autumn goes by and sometimes I forget to capture them until it’s too late — I’m glad you didn’t make that mistake. 🙂 it’s truly beautiful.

  3. Lauren

    oh p.s. : have you used the ipad/iphone app “Afterlight”? it has some really cool filters and you can crop, merge photos etc. I started using it a week ago and now I’m wanting to edit everything using my ipad, lol.


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