Niagara Mohawk Building at Night

Niagra Mohawk Building at Night Syracuse NY

I posted a daylight shot of this after our trip and people seemed to enjoy it. Here is a night view of the same building. It is decorated in an Art Deco style and is such a good example of the style that it is studied by architectural students.


8 thoughts on “Niagara Mohawk Building at Night

  1. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you, we specifically walked over to this end of the city to get a shot of this building. Given how it looked in the daytime, I assumed it would look great at night.

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you – I had one of those mini tripods with me but needed something on which to rest it. I “borrowed” a one of those plastic barrel like things they use to block off construction areas on roads and sidewalks. My wife kept teasing me that the police would come by and I’d end up spending the rest of vacation in jail. It made for a memorable shoot.


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