Circa 1941

Soldiers on Steps

A bit of a departure today as I’ve not had a chance to get out to take any photos in the past couple of weeks. This is part of a collection of photos I inherited from my grandfather. He was in basic training about a year before the US entered WWII and someone must have had a Kodak Brownie camera or something like it. They’re surprisingly good for snapshots. Even the skewed photo at the bottom does a great job of capturing a moment. I always enjoy these photos because of their distinctively retro appearance, they era that they depict and the spirit they capture of these young men.

j hoar basic training 12 (2)

Candid Shot of Basic

9 thoughts on “Circa 1941

  1. gpcox

    So glad to see you are still interested in your grandfather’s service! The pictures really did hold up well over all these years, didn’t they!?!

  2. Sarah Ferguson

    Great pics! I wish there were more of these sort of more candid photos from previous days – these aren’t quite candid, but much closer than the posed pics that seem to make up most of the ones I have from my family.

  3. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you – Yes, only the last one has a candid look to it. The others are posed but they seem a bit more creative than everyone just standing together like most of my old family photos.


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