Sunday in the Studio

I attend a monthly seminar through a local photo studio. April through December, we take a trip someplace for a shoot; sometimes the ocean and other times Boston or the mountains. During winter, we work in the studio. Our instructor is a well established photographer, specializing in portraits. This month, he focused on lighting a still life in the studio. I may never try to do this, but what I gain from this is a wonderful lesson on light, how it affects an image, and how to make better in shots both in the studio and out. Someone like me may never place a studio light or reflector to better light a situation, but I might move or move my subject so that the light is more pleasing.


7 thoughts on “Sunday in the Studio

  1. loisajay

    I had to go to the photographers to have my portrait made for work. It was fascinating watching him check all the lighting, and have me move slightly and then readjust. And then talk cameras while I am trying to smile for the camera! It must have been a great class.

  2. Alexandra

    this is so much fun… 🙂 seems to be a great way to learn how to control and use light better… you can certainly apply this later when shooting in natural light conditions…it doesnt matter if you are ever going to shoot in a studio or not again… it’s always great to learn new things 🙂


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