Ice Cutting

The first step at the ice harvest was cutting the ice. By the time I arrived, someone had etched a grid on the ice to show where the cuts would be made. This old gas-powered cutter would make one set of cuts and then the cross-cut would be done with the long manually powered saws you see here. They let me try cutting with one of the manual saws which I can only describe in three words “total body workout”. It was a trick to get the pressure and angle right and when I did it engaged my arms, shoulders and thighs. I managed about four or five blocks before being relieved by someone else. It left me pretty much breathless.


14 thoughts on “Ice Cutting

  1. asphaltblues

    I’m curious why this is being done? Is it done for demonstration? is there a use for the ice? In any event…very cool that people keep these traditions alive! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Sure thing 🙂 THis is sponsored by Muster Field Farm. It is a working farm and living history museum. They have a number of events, mostly in summer on weekends. The ice harvest both preserves the old ways and they use the ice in summer to make ice cream. Here is there website:

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Yeah…If I recall, you like Old Sturbridge Village. This is not as developed but more of a working farm with historic buildings and homestead. They seem to have some really interesting events. I go through there all the time and hope to sop by a few times and make photos.

      1. asphaltblues

        I looked it up on the map… Just north of land we owned years ago in a town called Hancock NH… If you have the time… Check out that area… real rural and historic also… And yes, I’m the Sturbridge Village guy..LOL

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        I’ve heard of Hancock but never visited. Iwill have to check it out. I’ve driven through Sutton many times on 89 but never knew this was here.

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