Snowy Sunday

There’s been some interest in the snow storms plaguing the northeastern United States, so today I’ll take a brief intermission from images of Florida to show some shots of the latest storm to dump 12-14 inches (36-42 cm) of snow on Milford Street.

You can see that the snow banks on Milford Street have gotten a bit large. They do a pretty good job, though, keeping it nice and wide by regularly pushing snow back. That little snowman you see in the yard sits on top of a yard stick, indicating we have a good three feet (about 1m) of snow beneath it.

The original house has a traditional peaked roof while the addition has a low slope roof that is less able to bear weight. Today, both needed the snow cleared. We took turns working and taking photos of one another. At one point, a gust of wind blew our ladder over. No big deal. As you can see in the next shot, the snow pile in the back is up to the roof line (about 3m). We could just climb down.

We had bitter cold with high winds. The day ended with a cup of hot cocoa (with real milk and chocolate) and time by the fire.


16 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, I appreciate that. I’ll have to show the snowman again when you can see more of him. We might get another few inches on Tuesday…perhaps more next weekend. It is to the point where we can’t see out some first floor windows because of the snow piles from shoveling the roof. I’m about ready for another week in Florida. 😀

      1. yprior1

        oh wow – shoveling the roof! wow – and I hear ya on the need for more florida (and have your heard what is a northerner’s favorite wine? answer: “I wanna go to Florida” – het it whine…)
        and by the way, I am headed there next week – cocoa beach and then tampa – maybe st augustine too – but not sure how much driving I want to do. If we do go – I will keep you posted.
        okay sending you warm thoughts to milford street… brrrr

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  2. Alexandra

    I can’t believe how many wonderful posts I have missed on your blog, Chris 🙂 the snow seems ineed way too much, but I guess it was nice having those yum marshmallows in the hot chock in the end 🙂


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