Closed for the Season

Across from the ocean at Hampton Beach is a row of restaurants, shops, arcades and lodging…all of which was closed for the season on Sunday…even McDonalds. All boarded up, you can see the snow piled up to the rooftops.


13 thoughts on “Closed for the Season

  1. milfordstreet Post author

    Yeah…the seacost was the worst I’ve seen in terms of snow banks. They’ve really had a lot of snow on the coast and the area is so congested and tight that the only place to go with the snow is up.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Nah, that is south of Boston. We got a bit last night but are good now. It was so interesting seeing snow on the beach. Usually coastal snow disappears pretty quick. Not this year.

  2. Robin

    It is always interesting to see coastal snow. When I lived at the Jersey shore in 1978, there was a blizzard that closed the bridge to Brigantine, the island I lived on. A snow plow got stuck in the snow trying to plow the bridge. The fire department evacuated residents to the only hotel that was there at the time (before A.C. casinos), because we lost power and the hotel had a generator. The snow piled so high in these photos reminds me of the that winter. I love the Beach Bums photo, but they are all great!

  3. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you, Alex…I’ve never seen snow piled this high. It was amazing. The area has little free space, so there is not place to really put it, but here. Cheers


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