Hope for Spring (for Teri)

Life Guard Chair

I commented on Teri’s site (Images By Dashfield) that given her longing for spring, I had spotted the perfect photo for her but had to go out with my camera to make the image. This is it. The lifeguard chair at Silver Lake State Park waiting patiently for summer.

A “glass half empty” person would be discouraged by all the snow and ice.

A “glass half full” person would see that the chairs were not burnt as firewood and are here showing hope for warmer days.

Personally, I think the glass is twice as big as it needs to be and that there are sure signs of spring approaching. The maple sap is flowing, more than a third of the snow has melted and Hoover, our resident chipmunk (pictured below), made his first appearance of the season today.

If you want to visit Teri and see her stunning photos, you can find her at imagesbytdashfield.wordpress.com/



15 thoughts on “Hope for Spring (for Teri)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you…. I was very happy to see our resident chipmunk yesterday, because it is a sure sign of spring. But today I am very far north, almost to Canada, to make some snowy photos. Cheers =)


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