Off to the Great North Woods

It was amazing to watch this event. There were two classes of competition, distance and sprint. In each class, the teams went out in two-minute intervals. I started out at the gate area but the background was a bit busy, so I hiked out beyond the first turn as it lent itself to some good shots.

At one point, a dog who had been held back got loose. These dogs are bred and trained to run and this one started off down the course. There was no calling it back. This is serious, because the dog does not know the area and could get lost or hurt. They were getting a snowmobile ready to chase after the dog, when they spotted me down the course. Suddenly, I heard shouts of “Catch him; catch the dog”. He rounded the corner and was making his way along the track as I stepped up and grabbed his harness. As he came to a halt, I heard his owner shout “My hero!”


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