Nansen Ski Jump

Shortly before reaching the sled dog races last weekend, I spied an old ski jump along the side of the road. I’d heard about it some time ago on a local television station. It was built in the 1930s and hosted the 1938 Olympic Trials. In 1988, it was closed.

Coming home, I pulled off to the side of the road. The jump looks huge and sits atop a steep hill. The last two photos in the gallery show the steel frame that once held steps up to the jump. Lacking steps, I grabbed my snow shoes to hike up. At the top, you can see the jump and the remnants of an announcer or judge’s booth. As scary as ski jumping looks on television, it was that much scarier up close.


10 thoughts on “Nansen Ski Jump

  1. Emilio Pasquale

    Great shots! There is no way I would climb a mountain just to ski down it! I would definitely hike it, but not ski it!

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    I’m with you…I hiked the ski jump hill both ways…up & down. There are some photos online from people who managed to climb the steel girders and get shots on the jump itself. That never really occurred to me.

  3. Crooked Tracks

    So sad to say that they are tearing down the ski jumps around here, they used to start teaching the kids at a young age (no fear in them!) and several Olympic champs came from Minnesota.


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