Back to the Sugar House

A sure sign of spring yesterday was the first day of full-scale maple syrup production at Parkers Maple Barn. Warm days and cool nights cause a sweet sap to flow in maple trees, particularly the Sugar Maple. The sap is harvested by drilling holes in the trees and collecting the sap that runs from them. Included here, is a photo of an old-fashioned collection bucket on a tree. Nowadays, it is mostly collected using plastic tubing and big tubs. The sap is then brought to the sugar house where an evaporator boils off the water leaving sweet maple syrup. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. You can see a mix of wood smoke and steam above the sugar house. Check out all of the fire wood.

Tomorrow, we will take a look inside.


11 thoughts on “Back to the Sugar House

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you Barrira….I am glad you like these. Parkers is just a beautiful place in any season. Wait until you see inside. And there is a restaurant with wonderful breakfasts. It is only a few miles/kilometers from home. Of course, maple sugaring means that summer will be here soon also…but that has its own kind of beauty. Cheers =)

      1. barrira

        I’m sure it must be, the place looks beautiful. The kind of pictures you take I’m sure you’ll make even summers look pretty ^_^

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        What a nice thing to say, thank you…People really seem to like the photos that I make locally and the people here are very nice about my making photos. Perhaps this is my “thing”.

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