Inside the Sugar House

Today, we see the inside of the Sugar House. In one room are tubs of maple sap. They were not very photogenic. In the other is a huge wood-fired evaporator. The heat from the wood fire boils the sap down into syrup. There are five different grades of syrup, mainly determined by the weather. Makers must compare the color of their syrup to samples of each grade that are set by the state. You can see a grading kit and the tour guide holding up a bottle to the kit for comparison. Once the syrup is made it is either brought into the restaurant for serving on meals or bottled for sale.

Note: The photo of the evaporator doors open and the man poking around the fire is from two years ago.


4 thoughts on “Inside the Sugar House

  1. Sylvie G

    I have been in a sugar house on the weekend and enjoyed it. There is. nice feeling to going back in time when things were more simple. Thank you !

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    That’s it. Some people do it on a small scale in their backyard. You don’t want to do it inside, though. There is so much humidity that it will take the wallpaper off and make everything a bit soggy.


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