Electric Shop

Electric Shop

Another shot from the project on which I’d been working making photos at our state’s former psychiatric hospital.


12 thoughts on “Electric Shop

  1. milfordstreet Post author

    It looks scary but the building also has plumbing and other shops…it is kind of cool looking. I started making photos because it is destined to be torn down to make way for more parking.

  2. milfordstreet Post author

    Thank you…I should really get back into this project. My office is in a part of this complex so I can get inside. 🙂 There are parts that are truly dark…. I like to photograph abandon things, like this. I’m not sure what draws me into it but I reall like it. Part of it is the haunting vibes and part is just the feeling of exploring. Cheers =)

  3. milfordstreet Post author

    Not likely there…unless the nearby Plumbing Shop handled Urology. This is the service section of the complex. Im thinking of an Urban Explorations page to Milford Street, though many of my explorations are distinctly suburban. I hope to find an abandon train station in the White Mountains tomorrow…wanna come?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, very much. I really like making images of old, abandon looking places. They just have such a cool look to them. Thank you for the comment. Cheers, Chris

  4. aj vosse

    Yep… I was gonna quip something about Edison not being born when that was built but then the cold shudder arrived when I read a bit further. I hope it didn’t really happen in there… or anywhere for that matter!


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