Orchard in Bloom

As the local apple orchard came into bloom this spring, I planned a sunrise shoot. Sometimes, the midday sun reflecting off of the white blossoms can be a bit overwhelming to the camera. I was hoping that early morning light would be a bit softer and with a nice color.


13 thoughts on “Orchard in Bloom

  1. Nancy

    You thought correctly… that early morning light was perfect. The blossoms were beautiful but… my favorite were the apple crates. To think they were left there to age and become just as beautiful as those blossoms. Good eye my friend, good eye!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Oh, thank you Nancy. Yeah, the crates were an interesting added detail. It is funny because I thought they would look better in B&W, but I was wrong. That early morning color really adds something to them. Thank you again. Cheers!


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