Peace Out, New York

Peace Out

Having shot at this location early in the morning, I returned again to see what it was like in the evening. The light was different and there were more people but it is still a good shot. There was a photographer there with this model making some photos. She quickly flashed a peace sign for him. It was so great, that I heard my mouth say the words, “Can you do that again please?”…which you really don’t with another photographer’s model…but she did…and voila.

Thank you…whoever you are.

And this concludes my NYC series. Tomorrow, back to New England. I’ve already made a trip to Cape Cod = and have some shoots planned for this week. Cheers =)


20 thoughts on “Peace Out, New York

  1. loisajay

    I love when we hear our mouths say stuff like that! What a great shot. Lesson I learned from this: it never hurts to ask! Peace out, Chris.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thanks…DIY Tips…Go early to the last block of Washington St before the East River. I tried bracket exposures to do an HDR but don’t have the software for it…..yet. 😉


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