Beacon Hill: Small Details

This series of entries focuses on a photographic tour of my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts that I took with PhotoWalks in order to challenge my ability to make more compelling images.

While walking through Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, we focused not just on the architecture of the various buildings, but also all the little tiny details. Saba, our guide, knew many such details that most of us would just stroll past. It would have been so easy to miss the tiny red door that is actually the main entrance to a basement apartment. (She also had the idea of framing the red door with the yellow fire hydrant in the foreground.) Each doorstep or window seemed to hold treasures. The area’s gas lights are a symbol of the neighborhood. Interesting railings or door knockers were prime targets for photographs.

Lesson learned: Don’t be in a rush to go from one building to the next. Slow down enough and look for the small details.

For those of you planning to visit Boston and are interested in going out with PhotoWalks, please go to



24 thoughts on “Beacon Hill: Small Details

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you….The red door is pretty cool. If you picture the widows as eyes and the door knocker as a nose, then it looks like a face ;). Have a great day, also. Cheers =)

      1. عابرةسبيل

        I saw this in my imagination when I saw the door
        Funny and creative

  1. Himali Shah

    The gas light is so beautiful.. I’m seeing one for the 1st time… The service entrance, red door & floral grill are also so lovely. The picture with the yellow cap in red background is so unique… Great going Chris 🙂 Cheers 😀


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