Fire Muster

Our town held a fire muster a few weeks back. This is a competition between fire departments in several communities. The events based on fire fighting and rescue skills past or present. Due to other commitments, I was only able to attend one event: the bucket brigade. Team of six competed in matches to see which can transfer enough water from a holding tank to fill a barrel perched on a scaffold many meters away. There were teams from several towns and even our town’s women’s auxiliary gave it a try. Fun times!


23 thoughts on “Fire Muster

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Hello Soheir 😊
      It would have been more interesting if I’d been there to shoot more events but I also had responsibilities at home. I’ve not heard of Telematch. I’ll have to Google it.
      I made it into Boston and am waiting for the sun to show itself.
      I hope you are well and having a good day.


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