Monochrome Monday: James Hook Lobster

James Hook Lobster

Thirty years ago, this stretch along Boston’s waterfront consisted of vacant lots used for parking, a few restaurants, and the fishing docks. Now it is bustling with a new Federal courthouse. museums, hotels, businesses, and condos. James Hook Lobster is still nearby working from a trailer but this building is currently out of service. Walking by here there used to be a constant running of sea water from the lobster tanks as new water was added to keep it fresh.


10 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: James Hook Lobster


    Beautiful image
    It seems to be sunny in Boston
    Boston is changing and progressing all the time
    That is great indeed Chris:-)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Hello Soheir:
      Thank you…This area has changed so much. I used to park my car down here when I worked in Boston , because it was very inexpensive. Now the lots are gone and replaced with beautiful buildings. There are still some of the old buildings there, including this one. I hope they make them nice again.
      Cheers =)

  2. DeniseBalog

    My Dad was born and raised in south Boston. We would make the many times to see family over the years. I always remember a saying my Dad had about lobster on the Cape. “Lobster..the beaches were covered in them, they were considered ” a poor man’s meal”, now a rich man’s delight! ” It was true when Dad shared, a rich man’s delight!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      My father grew up in Roxbury and his grandfather worked on the fishing docks. They always had fish in the house and thought it was common. Boy how times have changed. Cheers =)


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