Iron Bridge Dinner Part II

Yesterday, I showed the set-up of the Iron Bridge Dinner. Here is the dinner itself. Local high school athletes are the runners – servers. Musicians stroll around, entertaining the diners. Dinner is served family style. We had empenadas, swordfish tips, roast pork, curried rice, bread, salads, apple pie and fruit tarts. We literally sat elbow-to-elbow which meant getting to know people on either side of us. The people to one side were local and on the other side was a family from Toronto Canada who timed a vacation to be there for the dinner. A wonderful evening and meal with good company.


33 thoughts on “Iron Bridge Dinner Part II

  1. Jackie Jain

    Wow Chris… This is amazing.. The atmosphere looks electric.. Food music flowers.. Dinner on a Bridge of flowers.. It is awesome.. I can see you had a great time. šŸ™‚

  2. richholschuh

    Super setting and set of captures! I work about three miles away from this spot, in Colrain – it’s such fun to see a familiar spot through someone else’s eyes. Thanks…


    What a beautiful event Chris
    Every thing looks nice and great
    A wonderful group indeed
    The images are all great

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Hi Soheir:
      Thank you…I am pleased you like the images. The meal was very good but the company and setting made it wonderful.
      I hope that you are having a great day.
      Cheers =)

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Trick is to get tix as soon as they go on sale. It sells out quick. They went on sale a week or two after 4th of July. I hope you’re having fun there. Cheers

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