Princeton University – Rockefeller College

Princeton  - Rockefeller College

I saw this building on a Google image search of Princeton and it took me until the morning that we left to locate it. It was worth the wait because the light that morning was just wonderful. I tried different angles and exposures and liked this best. Below is a B&W version, though I prefer the color.

FYI – I won’t be posting again until Monday. We will be doing some family activities this weekend, but I will be back on Monday. Happy weekend all!

Princeton  - Rockefeller College BW


19 thoughts on “Princeton University – Rockefeller College

  1. Alexandra

    I just LOVE the depth and perspective here… both versions are great, tho I think I prefer the color version, the yellow window is so full of warmth…
    enjoy your long weekend, Chris!!

  2. Lindy Le Coq

    I like the color one too. It reminds me of one part of Mont St. Michelle. My husband and I visited twenty-one years ago — before easy digital cameras. I’m not home now, but if I remember , I’ll see if I can find it in the albums! Have fun with family — always the best.


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