Cycling in Montreal Part 1 – The Lachine Canal Bikepath

Daniel McAllister

Since our first full day in Montreal was sunny and warm, we decided to ride the cycling trail from downtown along the Lachine Canal. The canal was built in the 1830s to allow shipping traffic on the river to bypass the Lachine Rapids. Starting at our hotel near Victoria Square, we road down to the St Lawrence River and the canal where the tugboat Daniel McCallister is docked. The canal brings you through both residential and industrial areas. This time of year the trees are in splendid color. The bike trail ends where the canal rejoins the river in Lachine. On our return trip we stopped at Atwater Market for lunch. The last image shows the farm stand section of the market. Inside, there are butchers, cheese sellers, fishmongers and bakeries.

Tomorrow our tour continues to Ile Notre Dame.

Lachine Canal

Old Railroad Bridge

Bike Path

Old Mill

Atwater Market


34 thoughts on “Cycling in Montreal Part 1 – The Lachine Canal Bikepath

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Wayne. More adventures to come though the only wild life was a few small birds and some daring urban squirrels. I love Canada actually. Sadly, back to work in the US. Have a great weekend.

  1. Alexandra

    wonderful blue skies in all photos… wonderful captures from your bike tour… love the reflection of the boat in the first image and the one of the bike alley among trees… so peaceful and inviting… glad you enjoyed such sunny weather, your photos are sunny and cheerful πŸ™‚

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you so much. Yes, I like the reflection in the water also. It would have been fun to shoot with an ND filter and tripod but how much stuff do I really want to carry on a bike ride – lol. The weather and foliage were just amazing that day. Cheers!


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