Cycling in Montreal Part 2 – Ile Notre Dame

Returning from the Lachine Canal, we found the bike path out along the Pont de la Concorde to Ile Saint Helene and Ile Notre Dame. These two islands figured prominently in the 1967 Expo and 1976 Olympic Games. It seemed like a great opportunity to explore. Most of these images were made either on Ile Notre Dame or along the trip to or from it.

Bridge to Ile Notre Dame
The bridge shown here connects the two islands.

Riding on the Gran Prix Track
While we had no problem finding the Grand Prix race track, we could not find the cycling trail. It turned out that we were to ride along the race track.

La Route Verte
After a few kilometers on the race track, we were back on traditional bike trails. There are a part of la Route Verte (the green road) a series of cycling trails in Quebec.

Casino de Montreal
Casino d’ Montreal, which was the French Pavilion for Expo 67.

Habitat 67
Habitat 67 is a prototypical housing complex built as part of the 1967 Expo. These units are individual concrete structures stacked like building blocks.

Bateaux Boat
Back in the Vieux Port (old port). This Bateaux-Mouche is similar to those sailed along the Seine in Paris.


25 thoughts on “Cycling in Montreal Part 2 – Ile Notre Dame

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you…I had to look up the story behind it on Wikipedia. I figured with the ’67’ in the name, it was a part of the Expo. I wonder what it would be like to live there? The location is a bit odd also. Cheers

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you…I have a BW version as part of my Monochrome Monday set. I am not sure i’d want to live there either. Besides the look and feel, the location is a bit disconnected. Cheers!


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