Biodome 2

While cycling in Montreal, we visited Ile St. Helene, home of the Biosphere. This was the American Pavilion during Expo 67 and now houses displays about the ecology of the Saint Lawrence River.



22 thoughts on “Bioshpere

      1. williamleeone

        No, but it was big news as I recall. The geodesic dome and the Fair being located in North America etc. It became the term subject in American history class that year.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Some of my wife’s family went and they still talk about it. It sounds pretty cool. It’s good that some buildings, life the American and French Pavilions are still around and being used.

      1. irvingw54

        It was a long time ago when I visited but if I remember right you get a great view of the city through the wire frame work. I think from where you took your photographs is better as you can see the entire sphere.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Cool idea; Thank you. It seemed to lose something as I got closer. I took some photos of the city from Pont Concorde going back but the light was all wrong. It would have been a good morning shot. Perhaps another time. CHeers

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