Granary Burying Ground

It seems a bit odd to have a burial ground dating back to 1660 in the middle of downtown Boston and even odder to have it be a tourist attraction, but that describes Granary Burying Ground. The picturesque, old style tombstones and the fact that many notable people from U.S. history are buried here make it a stop for many visitors to Boston. And, it looks lovely on a fall day.


29 thoughts on “Granary Burying Ground

  1. mickey2travel

    Is this the same cemetery across from The Bean Pub? If so, I love this place! (no, I’m not crazed out over cemeteries) I believe Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and Mother Goose are there too! Of course Ben Franklin is in Philly, but I believe his relatives are there as well. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Oh, great…Thank you. It is a fun place to visit. I was going to list all of the famous people in there, but most people from the U.S. or familiar with our Revolution would not be familiar with them. Have a great day also.


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