Boston’s Old City Hall

Today’s post features Boston’s Old City Hall, which housed the city’s government from 1865 to 1969. It is a beautiful old building that employs a style of architecture borrowed from the French. This style was later used in many other buildings here in the US. I especially enjoy the courtyard with its greenery and statues. Today, this houses a number of businesses and a restaurant.

Tomorrow, we will see the current Boston City Hall and Plaza


21 thoughts on “Boston’s Old City Hall

  1. Peter S

    when the new city hall was being built there was a plan to tear down the old city hall. Thankfully, there was such a show of support to keep the old building that those plans were not followed through with.

      1. Peter S

        from what I’ve read, it seems as though it really didn’t take a lot of convincing to save it. I’m guessing that the city was willing to offer to save something after having taken so much for the new city hall.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Yes, I’m not sure if the old Scollay Sq would have survived even if they’d not sited City Hall there given Boston’s development. But there was some cool history in that location.

  2. Nancy

    The first picture caught my eye… but the iron fencing framing the flag is amazing! Right now with all the stuff going on in the world… this picture makes me feel proud! Proud to live in America the Free! Prayers for Peace!


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