Monochrome Monday – Boston City Hall and City Hall Plaza

Boston  City Hall Plaza

This subject just lent itself to B&W. In the 1960’s the local government out grew the old City Hall (shown yesterday) and the current city hall and plaza were created. To do so, an entire neighborhood was razed with as many as 20,000 people displaced. The image below shows the area in the 1920s – Those of you familiar with the area will see Faneuil Hall in the background.

City Hall and its plaza are controversial. Some love it and others not so much. The plaza has not really taken off as a place to spend time. This image was made mid-day on a Sunday. The plaza can be very hot or cold depending on the weather. The city has made the best of it by making it a place for celebrations, rallies, and even the circus.



12 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday – Boston City Hall and City Hall Plaza

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Ah yes, I tend to see it on weekends when it is largely empty unless there is an event. The area on the other side of the building from this image is nice in summer. They put out nice chairs in which to sit and there is actually some shade.

  1. Lindy Le Coq

    There needs to be trees and places for people to sit in the shade, and a lovely water feature that invites the public to linger and enjoy. Great shot, not the best landscape planning!!

      1. Peter S

        it’s not so bad in the Spring and Fall, but in the Summer it’s too hot and in the Winter it’s too cold. Copley Square and the new park across from the Old Post Office building are much nicer. I’m showing my age by calling it ‘Old Post Office’, I’m not sure what the new name of that square is now.

  2. prior2001

    Good choice for b&w – and I enjoyed the info – funny – but I first just saw the 60’s building (and was thinking of mad men) but then reading about the design issues I saw the space differently – if that’s makes sense – and agree with the reader who said it needs some trees I. That courtyard – but all in all I love the building – the lines and rectangles –

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      They have some trees on the fringes of the plaza, but they are not serving to break up the space. Honestly, I don’t think the city wants to put in something to break up the space because this serves well for rallies and carnivals. I agree; if this building were not in this very stark spot, people would appreciate it better.


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