Margaret St. – Was It All A Dream?

Margaret St - Full Street

Two days ago, I posted photos of Margaret Street decked out with vintage signs, wooden barrels and old-fashioned carts. Today, I went by the street and they were gone…

Margaret St - After

I had to double and triple check that I was in the correct location. Had it all been a dream? Perhaps a hallucination induced by putting leftover kielbasa on pizza two nights prior. After waiting for a bit, I encountered a resident of the street. She told me the street had been “dressed” and used as a set in a Ben Affleck movie the week prior. I know the Dennis Lehane book on which the story is based and the street had looked perfectly fitting of the times. Now, it was all gone….well almost…It looks like the corner bar kept a souvenir.



29 thoughts on “Margaret St. – Was It All A Dream?

      1. franciscocamacho2016

        You’re welcome Milford..!!! .. and Thank you… have a good night you too my friend..!!! : o )

  1. prior2001

    Wow – cool that u were able to get the first photos when u did! And I hope Ben has success with his movie – he was never one of my favorite actors, but appetite his later work and think he is maturing – anyhow we do need to watch the kielbasa – hahha

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Ben Affleck has become one of my favorite actor directors in the past few years. Like many of us, he had some setbacks in his career but has really done well. Perhaps mixing the kielbasa with pizza was not so good. Cheers!

      1. prior2001

        Funny but I remember sitting in a waiting room (2001) getting an oil change and reading an interview with Ben – and so annoyed as they walked around with his leg of beer and maybe still dating gwenyth – anyhow – never cared for his acting at that point a except the power role he had in Shakespeare in Love – “admiral’s men are in the house” – anyhow, seeing him win awards for his movie a few years ago we saw a humbled, mature actor and it was nice to see – I wish his new movie success and cannot wait to see the street you photographed – which by the way your timing of this was again so good to catch the signs up-

  2. loisajay

    I am so glad you took photos, but that had to be the weirdest darn feeling…..I think it’s pretty cool, myself. And you have the pictures to prove it! 😀

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Me too…It would have been fun to have been there when they were filming, but I’d never have gotten onto the street. When we were in Montreal, they were filming episodes of Quantico up the street from our hotel.


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