Faneuil Hall Marketplace Christmas Tree

Faneeuil Hall Marketplace Tree

This is for Teri, to whom I promised a photo of the tree at Faneuil Hall. As it was crowded, I did not set up my tripod, so this is a bit grainy. If I can get in the city again at a less crowded time, I’ll be sure to try for another image.


27 thoughts on “Faneuil Hall Marketplace Christmas Tree

  1. BuntyMcC

    Is this the tree sent by Nova Scotia, (in gratitude for Boston’s assistance after the 1917 Halifax Explosion) or is that tree at some other Boston location?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I think that is the tree that is on Boston Common. They have a few big trees in the city. We visited Halifax some years ago and there is a museum exhibit about the explosion.

      1. BuntyMcC

        The one on Boston Common gets lit either today or tomorrow and a number of Haligonians will be there for it as well as the donor family from Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

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