Christmastime at Brookdale Fruit Farm

I’ve had so many posts lately from Boston, that you might forget that Southern New Hampshire is home. These were made at Brookdale Fruit Farm in nearby Hollis, NH. Yesterday’s image of the Christmas trees sale was also made here. Once the farm machinery finishes the harvest, the farm workers decorate them with lights and wooden reindeer. They not only sell trees but also wreaths and other greenery as well as wonderful food inside.


35 thoughts on “Christmastime at Brookdale Fruit Farm

      1. franciscocamacho2016

        My tree is not naturel.., We don’t have Christmas Tree naturel for selling…!!! What about yours..??? Cheers..!!! 🎄

      2. franciscocamacho2016

        Thank you .! I am happy for your tree..natural and smells.., very well..!!! Cheers..!!! 🎄

      1. izza ifzaal

        Yess very! !I love these lights. .here on wedding we use such colorful lights to decorate homes for weddings or functions 😄

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