A Favor to Help a WP Friend

Solo Travel

This is my friend Ellen (surrounded by a bunch of Husky puppies in Greenland). She is travelling the world solo and posting about it here on WP. Her posts are never cease to amaze me and put a smile on my face.

She wants to go to Antarctica and has entered a contest to do so. She needs people to vote for her to win the contest. If you have a Facebook account and a few minutes and a kind heart, please click the link below and vote for her. We would both be very thankful.


Oh, and if you want to check out her great blog and find out why she is surrounded by Husky puppies in Greenland, check her out at https://wwellend.wordpress.com/

Thank you for considering this request.



28 thoughts on “A Favor to Help a WP Friend

  1. mickey2travel

    Done! I hope she wins, and yes, she’s had a very awesome blog page. I’m going to vote Archie for President! Chivalry still lives!

  2. Les

    Voting for Ellen has been completed. I’m pretty sure that she was one of the WP people that I followed, but not sure. She is now. Seems that she is a nice Lady. Be Well.


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