James Michael Curley

James Michael Curley Statue
Beloved mayor of Boston for 16 years, he served one term as Governor and two terms as in Congress. He was sent to federal prison for fraud during his service as Mayor and was pardoned by President Truman.

18 thoughts on “James Michael Curley

      1. williamleeone

        There is something about objects that “live” in the proximity of people.Folks like to touch things, lean on things, eventually polish them with their skin and oils until I can only wonder how many it took to develop the patina and texture on those “touch spots” !

  1. prior2001

    Very interesting story about the fraud – and I like the particular angle – the building in back and tree – and the patina on mr Curley shows the art these sculptures are – I like these more than standing monuments – hm

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you…You could have the best of both worlds because just few feet away is also a standing sculpture of him…but I chose this one because I like it best for all of the reasons you mention. Cheers!


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