Monthly Archives: April 2016

Boston Chipyard

The Boston Chipyard - BW

Yes, you read correctly. We have a “chipyard” in Boston, as well as a shipyard. This has been in business at Boston’s Quincy Market for about 40 years. The colors are lovely, but I liked the BW version better. Great, now I want a cookie?

The Boston Chipyard - Color



Tulips in an array of colors decorated the Boston Public Garden last weekend.

Make Way for Duckings

This sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden was inspired by Robert McCloskey’s book Make Way for Duckings about a family of ducks living on an island in the lagoon in the garden. It looks like they have been dressed for spring. You have to get there awfully early to get images without lots of children crowding the ducks.

Monochrome Monday: Studio Tools

Last Thursday, I went with friends to tour some of the studios at Manchester’s Institute of Arts. They have some cool looking tools there. Here are a selection. The first three came from the jewelry making studio and the last came from the print making studio.