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Boston’s Castle — look around!

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe … … Why is there a stone castle, complete with a tower and moat, in the heart of a modern US city? Were these high walls the home of royalty or noblemen? In a sense, yes….and no. In the late 1800s, the nobles of Boston, the wealthy […]

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This is my guest post on my friend Monica’s blog. Monica just published her first e-book of Haiku. You can read it about it and see a link to sample pages here:



This has been in the queue to be posted for a while. I usually stick to landscape formatted images because they seem to look better in my blog than portrait formats. But I like the tones in this image. It was made in September before school started in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Only a couple more weeks before school ends for the semester and I hope to return here for a visit to see how it looks in winter.

West Hill Place

This passageway is on the edge of Beacon Hill. I suspect that horses went through here before cars. I enjoy both versions. Which do you prefer?

Chinatown – Boston, Part II — look around!

This is my guest post this week on my friend, Monica’s blog. You can see her other guests here:

Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe … … The gateway to Boston’s colorful Chinatown. Eat some gourmet dumplings, sip some Tsingtao beer and play a bit of mahjong in the park. … look around! By the same Author: Farm House … … Christopher Photography is my artistic passion in life. There […]

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Cathedral of the Pines – Part II

More views from Cathedral of the Pines.