Monthly Archives: April 2017

Cathedral of the Holy Cross

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross is situated in the SOWA neighborhood. It is the cathedral for the city and surrounding area. It was started in the late 1860’s, right after our country’s Civil War ended and dedicated in 1875.

SOWA Shoot

I hear about SOWA, the Boston neighborhood South Of WAshington St. quite a lot. (“SOWA” – get it?) I stopped by a few weeks ago to stroll around and make a few images. It was a bit cold and dreary. They are known for a big open market in the warmer weather. I plan to return. In the meantime, here are a few images.

Doane’s Falls

Yesterday, I explored Doane’s Falls, a series of five waterfalls along a brook in Royalston, Massachusetts. It is part of the state parks system. Trails bring you along the falls and into hiking trails that eventually lead to a reservoir and dam. My wife and I had planned to explore some waterfalls when I returned from Central America last summer, but I came back to a drought. We’ve had some good spring rain to feed these falls.

Split Finish

This young lady was kind enough to perform a SECOND split for me. I missed the shot when she did one for her mother, and she offered to reenact it. This was made at the Boston Marathon finishing line. People do all kinds of things there. They sit, kneel, stand and lie down. She was the only person I saw who did a split.