Out the Window

Here is a B&W image I made while visiting Old Sturbridge Village in Central Massachusetts. Inside one of the buildings, it is interesting to imagine this was someone’s view back in the 1830s. Who were they? What were they thinking?


20 thoughts on “Out the Window

  1. Annie

    This thoughtful view does make you wonder about the original residents. One thing is certain: it was probably cold and drafty in the winter…. heated by wood fires, yes?

  2. sloppy buddhist

    I guess depending on what that building was…maybe they were hoping someone would come for dinner…or maybe it’s a working space…I love these spaces…I like his/her stories…nice framing…happiness your way hedy 😀

  3. reocochran

    This was a lovely way to present a photograph of a historical building with insight into the one standing there in that spot many years ago, Chris. This makes the photograph include heart and soul. ❤

      1. reocochran

        Yes, I may not be the best artist or photographer but I feel I add my own doses of heart and soul. Thank you for your vote of confidence on this! 🙂

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