Monthly Archives: May 2017

Memorial Day

Today is teh day in the US when we remember those who have served their country through military duty. On Boston Common, the Massachusetts Military Hero Fund installed 37,000 flags. That is one for every fallen Massachusetts service member since the Revolutionary War to today.

Symphonic Street Art

This mural, which pays tribute to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is in a parking lot behind Symphony Hall. I am not sure of the story that this tells. I do know that the middle image features long time conductor Seiji Ozawa.

Boston Pops

The “Pops” sign on Boston’s Symphony Hall always brings a smile to my face. The Pops are a part of the Boston Symphony Orchestra that plays more popular and “lighter” classical music. They do wonderful holiday shows at Christmas and the Fourth of July. This was made just after the sun went down the other night so the blue sky could contrast against the color of the sign.

Thursday Doors: Charlestown

Those of you who have visited the US know that we love our flag and its design. Here are a pair of doors in Charlestown. Charlestown, is a section of Boston; it’s to the north. Several crime dramas have been centered around here, most notably The Town with Ben Affleck. The area around the Bunker Hill Monument reminds me more of Beacon Hill than any of the scenes in that movie, though.

Parker River Wildlife Refuge Observation Tower

I got the concept of this image two years ago while cycling here. It is one of our favorite places to bring our bikes. I thought that this observation tower would look great in silhouette at sunset. The problem is that the gate to the refuge closes at some point around sunset. Supposedly, the gate will automatically open for exiting vehicles, but I was a bit skeptical. I parked in nearby Newburyport and cycled the 6 miles to the refuge. I figured that if the gate was closed, I could get out along the beach. It was a nice evening for riding, though fewer bugs would have been nice. And the gate did not shut before I exited.