Monthly Archives: July 2017

Grad School Break

I am in the final four weeks of graduate school. On the other side of these four weeks is a degree and the type of work I have longed for. But between here and there is the rest of my student teaching, a two-week Teaching Through Drama class that meets daily for three hours, and a twice a week class on the Socio-Cultural Aspects of Pedagogy. And, I am also interviewing for jobs. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I can’t do this and keep my blog active.

I’ll see you all when my work at the University lightens up a bit.


P.S.This is a night view of the Christian Science Church in Boston.

The Interloper

A few weeks back, I showed some images of the bows of several boats in a line. As I was finishing up the shoot, this gal swam up and hopped on one of the boats. She seemed to think there might be something good in there. My philosophy is that if you get in my shot, you get to be a part of my image.

Christian Science Church

Boston is home to The First Church of Christ, Scientist. It is situated in a beautiful plaza in Boston’s Back Bay. Currently, it is undergoing some restoration, but I was able to pull off this image.

To my friends who wondered about last Sunday’s B/W image, it is the same dome as pictured below.

John Harvard, I Presume

Welcome to Harvard! There is much ado about this statue of John Harvard and his famous foot. Supposedly rubbing it brings luck and students line up before exams. And tourists line up…boy, do they line up! I’ve sat in Harvard Yard on a sunny day and watch group after group from all over the world come by to rub his foot. The thing is that this is a college, and college kids, being college kids, tend to have a bit of fun by doing nasty and vile things to said foot. So if you want to rub the foot, I suggest a bit of anti-bacterial gel.

Oh, and the sculptor had no idea what John Harvard looked like when he made this. All drawings and paintings of him were destroyed in a fire. We are not really sure who this looks like.