Street Art: Asian Woman

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an image of street art that I called Asian Tattoo. It was one of the more popular images in a while. People seemed to really like it. The image above was on the same wall. The image I called Asian Tattoo is below.


20 thoughts on “Street Art: Asian Woman

  1. Garfield Hug

    Nice! Vietnamese lady portrayed in her cultural garb and a Chinese lady with an ornate setting of hair! Great artist as fine details captured even it is for a wall. Thanks and TGIF☺

  2. mopana

    Another beautiful piece, dear Chris πŸ™‚
    Some people are quite gifted and they deserve a place on your blog.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!
    Mo-hugs and kisses ❀

  3. Gabe Burkhardt

    Great street art. I may be in the minority here, but I LOVE the Asian Woman. Looks like mixed media (spray painted background and brushed contours?) Guess I’ll have to make a trip to Boston to check it out.


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