Monthly Archives: November 2017

Run Run Rudolph

Last summer, my friend Sarah challenged me to make a reindeer from logs. I was not sure I could do it. More recently, my father suggested the same. I’ve had some success working with my hands this year and decided to see if I could make one. I made this from some timber that fell a while back, as opposed to fresh timber. It was what I had and made sense for a first try. I doubt it will last beyond this season, but now I know how to make them for the next time we have freshly cut trees.

Harvard School of Business

The campus of Harvard University is absolutely sprawling across a large section of Cambridge. The Harvard School of Business actually spills out of Cambridge, across the river, and into Boston. A friend and I wandered around here this past summer. Enjoy.

The Harvard Coop

The Harvard Coop (pronounced like a chicken coop, not “co-op”) is the bookstore for Harvard University and something of an institution in its own right. A friend and I visited this past summer and made some images. The last image is of Harvard Square from a second-floor window.