Monthly Archives: March 2018

Paper Mill

Recently, I’ve been making images in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The city grew up around a series of paper mills on the Nashua River. I worked for a social service agency in the city for a few years around 1990. abt outhat time, some of the mills were closing. The city has faced a number of challenges based on changing economics. I’m not sure of the status of the mill pictured here. It looks kept up but a web search says it was to close in 2009. It does not look like it’s been closed for nearly a decade. As I share images from Fitchburg, you’ll see some places that are abandoned and others that have been repurposed.


Mt Wachusett – The Summit

A couple of weeks ago, I posted images of Mt. Wachusett blanketed in fog. I returned there this past week and hiked to the top. During the warmer months, you can drive to the summit. There are several structures up there, including a radio mast and a lookout tower. The previous night had brought freezing rain and some trees and structures were still covered in ice. You can see the ice glistening. In the second image (the one of the tree branches) you can see the outline of the Boston skyline in the distance.

Sculpture at the deCordova Museum

Just outside Boston in the town of Lincoln is the deCordova Museum. We took advantage of warmer temperatures to go for a walk there and see the sculptures. Here are some of our favorites and more interesting pieces.


This is James, my buddy on the Mt Willard hike. James and I met in graduate school. He is a remarkable individual. There is very little in this life that he can’t do.

James came from China three years ago speaking no English. He spent the first year in the US attending a school to teach English to foreign students who want to attend university. The next year, he entered the same program as me. He did the same work as me, though at a slightly slower pace. It was really challenging for him but he persevered and always had a positive attitude.

He’s also done other things while in the US. He’s learned to drive, run marathons, made a road trip to Florida with family visiting from China, and now has climbed a mountain in the snow. Whenever James and I go out together, I always learn something more about the world and how other people see things. I also always have a really good time.