Monthly Archives: April 2018

Patriots Day

Today is Patriots Day in Boston, which means the running of the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, they are running in a cold rain. But Saturday was fun. As you can see the city was getting ready for the race and people were coming down to check out the finish line. Solas pub had this sign out offering the runners a last chance for a pint before crossing the finish line. I think an Irish coffee would be a better choice today.

Urban Jungle

This image of a tiger on a wall in Roxbury was painted by GoFive, who also painted the image I posted yesterday. The way it wraps around the corner gives it an added dimension.

Prince Tribute Street Art

I’ve not posted the past week or so due to a lack of decent images to use. This is not a time of the year that lends itself to good weather or generally pretty scenes. That said, I went into the city today to make some images. Last year when I was researching street art in Boston, I saw a photo of this image. It’s in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, which I don’t generally frequent. But I made a trip there today to show it to you. The best part is that the school where this was painted also has a number of other wonderful pieces of street art.

This painting was done by the artist known as GoFive. He did it after Prince’s death.