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When my niece and I went out to take photos on Cape Cod this summer, we found this small harbor that I’d not visited before. I really liked the classic look of this boat with the wood-tones on the cabin and hoist.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Last weekend, when I went to the seashore, this group of people was out flying kites. I never learned how they all came to be there or why they were all flying the same style of kite. but they seemed to be having fun.

Pulpit Rock Tower

Pulpit Rock Tower was one of several observation towers in the area built during World War II to search for enemy ships and airplanes. If any were spotted, the coordinates could be radioed to nearby Fort Dearborn (now Odiorne Point State Park) which had two rather large guns that could be trained on targets. This is one of the few remaining and the only one that is on public land. They open it for tours twice a year: on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day weekends. You can see a video of the view from the observation deck here.

In Formation

A friend and I visited the USS Constitution in August. Despite being built around 1800, the Constitution remains a commissioned naval vessel. On the day we visited. a group of noncommissioned officers from around the Navy was finishing up a two-week training on the ship. They learned about hoisting sails, firing cannons, and climbings masts. While these are not skills that they will need on a modern-day cruiser or aircraft carrier, these men and women are keeping the heritage and traditions alive. During our visit, they paraded in for their final ceremony and I managed to capture this image.

Rye Signs

I passed these signs along the road near Rye Harbor several times this summer. A couple times, I was on my bicycle, and others I was in the car. Each time, I contemplated stopping to trying to get a good image. I made this on my last trip to the coast for the summer.