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About milfordstreet

This site is dedicated to developing my skills as a photographer, sharing my images and participating in a creative community. In the last year, I’ve taken my interest in photography to a new level, taking classes in a number of venues and supplementing them with seminars and photo tours. I appreciate feedback on my photographs and enjoy seeing what others are creating.

Red Line

A Red Line train crosses the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge. Behind and directly above it is the back of Beacon Hill. Beyond that is the Financial District.


Wooden Boat (and others) Auction

Not far from home, they have a wooden boat auction each spring. They also usually features some cars, many of which are antiques. The boats and cars are usually beautiful but are displayed more for sale than for art. I chose to focus on the beauty in the details. If you’re interested in what you could have bought, please see the link below. Many things did not reach their minimum and may still be for sale, if you’re interested. Cheers!

Latinx Student Cultural Center at Northeastern University

I really enjoyed the artwork on this building. This is the last in my series of images from Northeastern University. I hope to get out with my camera this week to come up with some fresh material for next weekend. Cheers!


We have our share of chipmunks here on Milford Street. As I went to my car the other morning, this one was perched on top of the woodpile. It stayed there while I backtracked to the house and grabbed my camera and telephoto lens. I managed to make these two images before it raced off.

Scenes from Chinatown

A few weeks ago, my friend James and I had dinner in Chinatown. I made these image as we walked around and visited a Chinese grocery store.