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This site is dedicated to developing my skills as a photographer, sharing my images and participating in a creative community. In the last year, I’ve taken my interest in photography to a new level, taking classes in a number of venues and supplementing them with seminars and photo tours. I appreciate feedback on my photographs and enjoy seeing what others are creating.

Marshall Street

This is one of Boston’s oldest streets.


India Wharf

Boston has retained the old names of many of the wharves along the waterfront. This is India Wharf, so named because trade with the Indies was a big part of commerce in the 16th and 17th centuries. There is also Long Wharf which reputedly extended a mile out into the harbor in the old days. Now, Long Wharf is a marina for tour boats and pleasure craft of all sorts and India Wharf is hemmed in on the right by the New England Aquarium. The morning that I made these images, I reached the wharf as the sun was just hitting it. I really like how the dolphin statue shines in the sunlight.

The Boston Airlift

Last Sunday as I made my way to an early morning photo shoot, I saw blue police lights flashing in the dark. The square that I typically pass through was blocked off to vehicular traffic. Police and construction workers were all over the place. Finally, I saw a man with a tripod and video camera; one of my kind.

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“They’re replacing HVAC units on the tops of two of the buildings here. It’s too high up for regular cranes, so they are bringing in a helicopter to do the lift.”

“Any chance I could stick around and make photos?”

“You don’t want to. It’s full-on protective gear. Hard hat, goggles, and ear protection. When that helicopter comes in, a lot of things will start flying around?

My planned shoot was nearby, so I went and made the images I wanted. A little after 7:00, I heard the helicopter come in. I made these images from just outside the area the police closed off.

You can see video of it lowering an HVAC unit here.

Hub on Wheels

Hub on Wheels is a huge group ride held each fall as a fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital.

This was an interesting shoot. I saw the event was happening and would pass under a parking garage built over the roadway near the start of the race. I planned to take photos from one of the parking decks. As I was scouting out the best level in the parking garage from which to shoot, I ran into a team of professional photographers doing the same thing. They were hired by the sponsor of the ride to take photos. We ended up sharing ideas on the best location. They were busy, as they had to set up other shots, but they were cordial. It was interesting to watch them work in concert to come up with a single good idea for getting the shot from the garage. It made for a more interesting shoot.