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Zydeco Twirl

I made this image in the dance tent at the Lowell Folk Festival. Zydeco is a type of music from Louisiana. It combines French accordiann music (Cajun) with Afro-Carribean influences. It makes for some wonderful dance moves.



You might ask: What kind of skylight is this? It is a skylight on a 18th century ship. A friend and I visited the USS Constitution. Build for the US Navy in 1798, it is still a commissioned naval vessel manned by U.S. Navy sailors. It recently underwent a restoration so details, like this skylight are just gleaming.

USCG Coastal Patrol Boat Cobia

The story behind this shot is similar to yesterday’s image. While out with my niece, I spotted this Coast Guard boat. It was rather far off and I didn’t think it would make for a good image. It surprised me by turning towards the point of land where we were standing. Like yesterday’s story, my niece was using the camera with the tele-zoom lens. We traded cameras and I made this image. I’m presenting it in BW because the light was rather flat. A color image and some information on the boat are below.

The Cobia is a Coastal Patrol Boat (WPB), 87-foot Marine Protector class. The Marine Protector is an innovative, multi-mission class of vessel capable of performing search and rescue, law
enforcement, fishery patrols, drug interdiction, illegal immigrant interdiction, and homeland security duties up to 200 miles offshore. The 73 cutters in this class carry an 11-person crew and are capable of achieving a maximum continuous speed of 25 knots. Source:

Four Birds

I’d written earlier this summer about making photos with my niece on Cape Cod. We spent another day together in July. This time, we were in Boston. It was raining when we started out and everything was rather wet. The tables and chairs in Copley Square were empty except for these four birds. I quickly swapped cameras with my niece. (I’d lent her the oe with the tele-zoom lens) and snapped this shot. It was our favorite shot of the day.