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Corredor de Mexico

ON Saturday night, as my wife and I enjoyed the ambiance leading up to the Boston Marathon, I spotted this man wrapping himself in a flag. (Another image of the man with the flag can be seen in the prior post.) I went over and asked him what it was. “It is the flag of Mexico.”, he told me. I met several runners from Mexico at the finish line that night. All came for the camaraderie and to make photos. This man was kind enough to let me make this image of him. (“Corredor” is the Spanish word for “runner”.)

At the Sugar Shack

When we visited Parkers Maple Barn a few weeks ago, they had stopped boiling for a day or two because it was too cold for the sap to run. But we went in and around the sugar shack and I made these images.

Through the Branches

I know you’re all wondering when I’ll start showing spring images with no snow and some flowers. I’ll be happy to…once a proper spring arrives. We have 8 inches (20 cm) of snow dueto fall tomorrow night. It seems that everytime the trails start to clear and the daffodils prepare to bloom, we get hit with another big storm.