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Up on the Roof

ral Square’s

This colorful roof covers Central Square’s Graffiti Alley in Cambridge, MA.


The Hatch Shell on Boston’s Esplanade

The image from yesterday’s post was made at a concert at the Hatch Shell on Boston’s Esplanade. Here’s a bit of what we were seeing. The Hatch Shell is best known for being the venue for The Boston Pops Fourth of July concert. The Landmark Orchestra has a free concert series here for several weeks in the summer. Last night was Dance Carnival. A number of dance troupes participated in the evening’s show including ones made up of young people from the community. It is a beautiful place to hear great music.

It’s Good to Be Back…

I’m done. My last assignments were completed on Monday and my last class was Tuesday. I went to the university yesterday, but only to attend a pizza party with a group of international students whom I taught in a communications class to prepare them for graduate school. My grades posted on Tuesday and it appears they will graduate me.

I missed all my friends here this past month. Unfortunately, the schedule was just a bit much and while I could have posted, I would not have been able to participate in the community here. For me, the two go hand in hand. It was better to take a break than to post without being a part of the community.

I’ve been lining up some work. Things are looking good and I’ll share a bit when things are settled and classes begin.

Thank you to all my friends here for your support this past year or so as I’ve transitioned for my old job to teaching in El Salvador to student.

It’s good to be back.

P.S. This image is from a night out at a concert last evening in Boston with two of my friends.

Grad School Break

I am in the final four weeks of graduate school. On the other side of these four weeks is a degree and the type of work I have longed for. But between here and there is the rest of my student teaching, a two-week Teaching Through Drama class that meets daily for three hours, and a twice a week class on the Socio-Cultural Aspects of Pedagogy. And, I am also interviewing for jobs. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I can’t do this and keep my blog active.

I’ll see you all when my work at the University lightens up a bit.


P.S.This is a night view of the Christian Science Church in Boston.

The Interloper

A few weeks back, I showed some images of the bows of several boats in a line. As I was finishing up the shoot, this gal swam up and hopped on one of the boats. She seemed to think there might be something good in there. My philosophy is that if you get in my shot, you get to be a part of my image.