The Alchemist

A friend and I were making images in and around MIT last month when we spotted a sculpture of a man made all from symbols. It was the Alchemist (see below). As you can tell, we had a bit of fun with this.

Alchemist is related to Jauma Plensa’s other works, Nomade (2010) and El Alma Del Ebro (2010), which are made of randomly arranged stainless steel letters of the alphabet, painted white and arranged in the shape of a person sitting with knees drawn up to the chest. However, in the place of letters of the alphabet, Plensa’s work for MIT is created from numeric symbols, as an “homage to all the researchers and scientists“ that have contributed to scientific and mathematical knowledge.
Adapted from:

The Middle East

The Middle East is a restaurant and club in Cambridge Massachusetts. This art decorates the exterior of the club portion.

Rosita Update

Last fall, I asked for help for Rosita, a girl in the school where I volunteered in El Salvador who was in danger of going blind due to degenerative myopia. We actually exceeded our fundraising goal. But that was okay because Rosita has a sister who also has degenerative myopia. The additional funds that people pledged were used to help buy her sister the glasses needed as a first step in treating this condition. Meanwhile, Rosita continues to do well. She is still wearing her glasses. Other treatments, including surgery, are in her future, but her condition is stable now. Thank you again for everyone who lent support.