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The Bull Pup

I stopped by an antique machinery show last weekend. There were a few running machines and lots of people selling parts (more on that later). This one was the running while I was there. I am not sure what it was used for. There is a video link below if you want to see how it runs. If your car runs this well, then you may want to think about getting a new car…or a good mechanic. Cheers!


Metropolitan Waterworks Museum – Curves


I really liked all of the curves in this image made at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum in Boston’s Chestnut Hill Section.


Suchitoto - Vista 1

I have three goals in coming to El Salvador

-Stay safe and healthy. I’ve been safe and mostly healthy
-Teach the girls at the school – My constant effort
-Learn about language and culture – Another effort; it’s busy down here

As far as learning about culture, I have three days off each week. One of those is usually dedicated to lesson planning. This has afforded me the chance to see some of the countryside, usually in one of the buses shown in a previous post. Joaquin Batres has been very generous with his time to show me things. It is interesting to get out of the city and see me of the historic and picturesque places.

Over the next few days, I want to show you the town of Suchitoto about an hour or so outside of San Salvador. Some buildings date back to the colonial period (pre-1820s) and many more to the mid-1800s. It has withstood earthquakes and during the civil war of the 1980s, they somehow managed to convince both sides not to damage the town with its cobblestone streets and antique buildings, though a few buildings are pockmarked by gunfire.

The town overlooks a lovely river valley pictured here. Tomorrow, we can explore Suchitoto.

Details, Details

One of my favorite aspects of classic cars are the fine details. Here are a few from Heritage Gardens and Museum.


The Heritage Gardens and Museum have a large collection of mint vintage automobiles. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!

Union and Marshall Street Pubs

Between Boston’s Faneuil Hall and Haymarket is Union Street with Marshall Street off to one side, winding crookedly to what was once the docks. These are some of Boston’s oldest streets and have a number of pubs to grab a pint and perhaps a meal. The Union Oyster is especially popular with the tourists.

Holiday Road

Woody Wagon

The woody wagon, the harbinger of American road trips, is my post tonight as I take off for a weekend photo workshop in New York City. Tomorrow, I hop in the car (not this one) and go from Milford Street to Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn for a series of shoots in Brooklyn and Manhattan. See you all next week. Cheers =)